First Bath at Home!

Posted by Chelsea on Monday Sep 29, 2008 Under Infancy

Lucy is a week old today and we thought we’d celebrate by giving her her first bath! She still has her umbilical cord so we could only do a sponge bath but she’s still one clean little Lucy Bean! She HATED her first bath in the hospital so we were preparing for the worst but she LOVED it! We started while she was asleep and she stayed asleep through getting her hair washed! She did wake up when we washed her body. She had a smile on her face the entire time. I can’t wait to give her a real bath! Now she’s in very warm pajamas hanging with Daddy. It was his first day back at work and he missed his little girl. They’re having quality Daddy/Lucy time :).

Daddy Undresses Lucy:


Naked Lucy:


Getting Ready for Bath:


Washing My Hair:


Mommy Washing Me Up:


Drying Off:


In My Cute Honey Bunny Warm Outfit:


All Clean:


Ha Ha-You Take My Mittens Off, I Suck My Thumb!


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More Pictures!!!

Posted by Chelsea on Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Under Infancy

Proud Daddy:


They’re not in love or anything:


The originator of the hand (Papa) and the duplicate (Lucy):


Hi I’m the cutest thing ever:


No Really, Cutest thing EVER:


Mommy and Lucy-look at the ridiculously cute handknit pants. I swear the only thing that fits her right now are handknits!


Oh yeah, things are going really well!!! I’ll be back soon with the birth story!

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Baby Comes Home!

Posted by Shaun on Wednesday Sep 24, 2008 Under Infancy

Thank you all for your encouragement and support! Chelsea and I are very fortunate to have a great network of friends and family.

Everyone is looking for more pictures and I finally got a few minutes to post, so without further ado (remember you can click on the images to see them larger):

One thing we noticed straight away was that this kid has hair – and lots of it! The color is very dark brown and a little wavy, but it’s hard to get a good picture.

She might have a lot of hair, but this hat makes her a whole lot warmer (and it looks cute too). When Chelsea made it we thought there was NO WAY it would fit because she accidentally made it too small. It’s a good thing because none of the other infant hats even come close to fitting-they are way too big!

Chelsea quickly noticed that Lucy has VERY long toes (although they’re curled in this picture so you can’t tell). Notice how small her feet are relative to my hand!

Chelsea and I took birthing classes and met a really nice couple there. It turns out they went into labor the same time as us and we delivered 15 minutes apart! The other little girl’s name is Kara and we’ll be seeing her later for some play dates.

Some of the most exciting news today is that we got to come home!! YAY! The El Camino Hospital was absolutely fabulous, but lets face it – it’s still a hospital. Due to some legal concerns, they made Chelsea take a wheel-chair ride to the car. Don’t worry though, Chelsea is up and running around like nothing ever happened and I’m having to remind her NOT to pick anything up (except for Lucy).

After a careful drive on the US 101 we arrive at home as a family. So far the Element is working GREAT as a baby carrier which is great because it’s also a wonderful mountain bike, home improvement, camping and beach vehicle.

We’ll continue to update regularly now that we’re at home. Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement!

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Hello World!

Posted by Lucy on Monday Sep 22, 2008 Under Infancy, Pregnancy
Lucy writes her first blog post!

My name is Lucy Titus and I was born today, September 22nd at 4:47p.m. PDT. I weigh 6lbs 2oz and am 19″ long!

I was inquisitive the moment I was born!

Chillin with my peeps...

Chillin with my peeps…

Footprints?  I can't even walk!

Footprints? I can’t even walk!

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Full Term! Finished Nursery!

Posted by Chelsea on Sunday Sep 21, 2008 Under Pregnancy

We celebrated being full term by putting the finishing touches on the nursery. As Shaun was sitting in the rocker and looking at all our hard work he exclaimed, “This is the best room in the house!” I have to agree. It turned out perfectly.

View from the door:


Crib (with homemade quilt above it-courtesy of Pat and Michelle):


Rocker (covered masterfully by Pat) with homemade quillow (thanks Sharlene!):


Lucy Letters:




Just for fun:


Okay Lucy, Mommy’s ready for you!

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Picture People ROCK!

Posted by Chelsea on Friday Sep 19, 2008 Under Pregnancy

We just got our photos back from Picture People and they are A.MAZE.ING. I highly highly highly recommend them for you family picture needs!!!

Some of my favorites:

My Very Favorite:


I think there’s a baby in there:


Really there is!:




I love you Lucy!


A tame one 🙂


They framed 2 different sets for us and we are just so THRILLED!!!!

All the proofs:

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36 Weeks and Keeping Her In!

Posted by Chelsea on Tuesday Sep 16, 2008 Under Pregnancy

We had quite the scare last week!  Two weekends ago (9/6) I woke up at 5 with some lower abdominal pain that was new but it seemed to get better.  I had a massage that day and DID NOT ENJOY IT AT ALL (that should have tipped me off) and had a few pains but they weren’t regular or that close to each other.  We went to Babies R’ Us to buy everything else we needed and while checking out I had 2 what I thought were contractions, followed by another one in the car and another one when we got home.  I decided to call the doctor.  He had me come in to Labor and Delivery.  They hooked me up to the monitors and sure enough I was having pretty regular contractions.  They checked me and I was a fingertip dilated and “soft”.  They continued to monitor me and decided to try to stop the contractions.  I was 35 weeks which is a transition week.  If I were 34 weeks or before they would have tried anything to get labor to stop and if I was 36 weeks they would let labor go.  Since I was 35 weeks they tried the least invasive they could and gave me a medicine that relaxes the uterus.  I did not react well.  I got an instant headache, my heart started beating really fast, and I got red all over-including the whites of my eyes.  Not fun.  The contractions continued but I was making no progress.  They gave me a shot of morphine and told me to go home and sleep.  If when I woke up I was still having contractions I was to come back in.  All the nurses were telling me that I was having a baby in the next 48 hours and the Doctors were saying that we could stop it.

We went home. Shaun frantically got the carseat together and I went to sleep.  I woke up at 3 with pretty painful contractions close together.  Back to Labor and Delivery!  They hooked me up to the monitors again and I was having contractions.  This time the baby’s heartrate was a little low but that was due to the medicine they had given me.  They had me lay on my side and drink ice cold water to wake her up-who knew! I was in the hospital until 11 am and they sent us home again with the instructions to come back when my contractions were a minute long, 4 minutes apart and I couldn’t talk through them.

We went home and Shaun frantically got all the baby stuff together and I laid on the couch.  My Mom flew up and Sunday night contractions started at about 11.  They were painful and close together but they stopped after about 35 minutes and I was able to fall asleep.  I woke up again at 3 with more painful contractions that again stopped after 35 minutes and we were able to sleep until 10.  We thought for sure we were headed back to Labor and Delivery but NO DICE-thank goodness!

Since then, I’ve been at home “taking it easy”.  No work.  No sitting up (it hurts). No walking (it makes contractions start).  No nothing really.  Just sitting here baking a baby 🙂

We’re trying to get to 37 weeks and it looks like we’ll make it!  I had my 36 week appointment today and I’m exactly where I was when I left the hospital.  They can feel her head but I’m only a fingertip dilated and I’m still supposed to “TAKE IT EASY”.  This Sunday (9/21) marks 37 weeks and I’m confident she’ll stay put.  I think she’s going to stay put until her due date actually 🙂  Dr. Medina did say that at the end of September we would discuss induction if she hasn’t come naturally yet since I’m in a lot of pain-lots of cramps and Braxton Hicks Contractions that are NOT comfortable.  But I’d rather just wait for her to come when she’s ready.  Inductions have a higher rate of C-Section and I REALLY don’t want to have a C-Section, so I think I’ll just wait.  Once I can start doing more stuff (this Sunday!!!) I think it’ll be easier and not as uncomfortable for me.

So that’s the update.  We’re here, just baking away!

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Measuring Right on Target

Posted by Chelsea on Thursday Sep 4, 2008 Under Pregnancy

My doctor’s appointment yesterday went really well. Lucy is estimated to be a 5 pounds right now. She’s head down. My fluids look great, the placenta is in a good place, all her organs are functioning properly (from what we can tell), and she’s, as Dr. Medina put it, “100 percent a girl, I can guarantee it. There’s no question.” That’s the third ultrasound to confirm it in such a manner.  She’s NOT modest! We get a crotch shot every time!

After he did all the measurements, the machine had me measuring at 34 weeks on the dot yesterday. I was 34 weeks and 3 days so that means she’s right on target. No measurements are abnormally large or small (which in my family babies usually have REALLY big heads and are measuring REALLY big at the point-thank you Shaun Titus!) The first measurement he did was of her tummy and that had her due date at 10-18-08 and I started freaking out, but then the other measurements brought her right on target. I’m still convinced that she’s going to be late, but how late? I don’t know. Well, I guess not past 10 days late!

Her heartbeat sounds wonderful. Dr. Medina said “Just wonderful. Isn’t that beautiful? This is what labor and delivery sounds like. When you walk up and down the hall you hear all these wonderful baby heartbeats.” I :love: that my Dr. loves his job so much.

I go back in in 2 weeks after that I’m onto my “weeklies”-an appointment every week until I deliver. 38 days to go until the expected due date!

We got one, not so great picture of her face that I’ll have Shaun scan and post.  I think she looks like her Daddy.  Daddy thinks she looks like an alien.

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It’s starting to look a lot like Baby Time everywhere you go… (in the Titus house)!

While Chelsea and I continue to experience the joys of pregnancy I thought I’d take some time to do some financial calculations on just how much money in square footage it is taking to store all of the things we’re going to need. I basically calculated the square footage of each item and then multiplied the total square footage times the value of one square foot of our home (based on purchase price).

Here we go:

Baby Swing: 2.5 x 2 = 5 Sq Ft

5 Square Feet!

Baby’s Room: 12 x 15 = 180 Sq Ft

180 Square Feet!

180 Square Feet!

Half of Hall Closet: 4 x 2 = 8 Sq Ft
Pack N’ Play: 3 x 2 = 6 Sq Ft

Total Sq Ft: 199

Value: $86,521

Storing baby stuff may be expensive, but becoming a new parent is definitely worth it.

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Pictures from this Weekend

Posted by Chelsea on Monday Sep 1, 2008 Under Pregnancy

We flew down to LA this weekend for our friend’s wedding. While we were there we took some pictures with my parents. It was a really quick but fun visit.


3 Generations of Lingo Women:


Mimi, Mommy and Lucy, and Papa:


Mommy and Lucy and Papa:


Mommy and Lucy and Daddy:


And, Mommy and Lucy, 34 weeks:


We’ve got our 34 week appointment on Wednesday where we’ll get our last ultrasound to try and estimate how big Lucy is and to measure all my fluids and everything.  We’ll be sure to post after that!

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