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I have pictures of the blanket I’m knitting for our little one:


Close up:


With the blue border color:


It’s Mommy’s favorite color with Daddy’s favorite color as the border 🙂

I’ve also knit 2 hats for her, I need to get a doll so that I can properly model them and then I’ll post pictures.

A new 20 week photo is up in the “Growing Belly” section =D

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20 Week Appointment

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I went for my 20 week appointment on Friday. Can I just say that I LOVE Dr. Medina? He’s great!

All my bloodtests were fine and we looked at my ultrasound results. He went through all the measurements with me and stated that if he could write a perfect ultra-sound, mine would be it. The ultra-sound still has my estimated delivery date (EDD) set for October 12th and she’s weighing in at 9 oz.

I told him that the sonogram tech didn’t show us the girl parts and he said that she’d be big enough for us to see her girl parts next month, so I get another ultrasound-YAY!!!

He had me lay back so we could hear her heartbeat. Last time it took awhile to find her heartbeat, not this time! As soon as he put the doppler on my belly, we could hear her loud and clear! It’s such a reassuring sound to hear!

As I was laying back he felt for my uterus, which is right at my belly button right now. He said that was just the right position and that I’m hitting all my milestones exactly when I need to. He was very excited that I had started to feel her in there.

Speaking of which, this morning I was laying in bed and I reached down to touch my belly and it was all hard. Evidently I woke up our little girl because she moved away from my hand. It was so incredibly amazing to feel her on the outside and to feel her so well. I tried to get Shaun’s hand over in time but she had moved and he didn’t get to feel it. Oh well, soon enough.

We’re going to take a 20 week picture tonight so you all can see my big belly. It’s finally getting round! Thank god no more flat spot!

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Polka Dots, Blue, Orange, and PINK!

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On Tuesday, Shaun and I went to the behemoth that is Babies ‘R Us. This place freaks me out, so many things, so many choices, and then so much of cookie cutter-bleck-no thanks!

When I was filling out the sheet, I wrote “The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle” under the decor section. The lady looked at it and said, “We don’t have that here.” Me, “I know, I’m doing it myself but I wanted people to know.” Her, “Well, you won’t find any caterpillar decorations or anything.” I wanted to say “THANK GAWD!” but didn’t =D

She gave us our (scanning) gun and off we went. Apparently I really like polka dots. Anything with dots got shot by that gun! Seriously though, just because she’s a baby doesn’t mean she needs pastels. Bright colors were SO hard to find. Pastels aren’t my favorite and it seemed that everything remotely girlish was pastel :barf3:. This chica will have lots of blues, oranges, and brown (these colors are all very dominant in our house). And of course-PINK, just not powder pink. Bright pink! Fuscia pink! Techno-color pink!

You can view the whole shebang here or click the links for pictures of some of the stuff we picked out:

Cutest Towel Ever
Second Cutest Towel Ever
High Chair
Car Seat
Pack ‘N Play
Shaun’s Favorite Item

And lots of other baby schmoo. Shaun kept saying “Do we really need all this stuff?” Oh honey, just wait…

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Preggy Chelsea Pictures

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For those of you who don’t get to see it everyday 🙂 Here’s what I’m looking like:

This picture surprised me quite a bit. I look down and I don’t think my belly looks that big. Sometimes I’ll walk by my reflection and do a double take. It’s crazy what happens to your body, but it’s cool too! My measurements have stayed the same EVERYWHERE
except my belly and boobs! My belly is up 11 inches and my bustline is up 5 inches!!!

Shaun thinks he’s pretty lucky ;-D

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It’s a….

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We had our big ultrasound yesterday and found out we’re having a girl!

First pictures:

We think that’s a foot :0)

Doesn’t she look like her Daddy?:

Big Yawn!

We have video of the experience too which is awesome but I need the technical genius of my husband to post those. Stay tuned ;-D

Onto the story of the actual ultrasound:

Yesterday was absolutely amazing.

The logistics:

I had to empty my blatter an hour before getting the u/s and then drink 16 ozs. of clear liquid 30 minutes before and then not pee. I also had some orange juice to make sure we had an awake baby :blush4:.

The actual ultrasound (u/s)

They called me in pretty quickly and got started. Shaun got to see the whole thing while I was laying on the table with the monitor faced away from me. At the swanky place that I went to for my 12 week u/s they had a monitor that I could see as well. But, I thought it was kind of neat that Shaun got to see and experience things that I didn’t because the rest of the pregnancy is about me doing that :teeth2:. His facial expressions were great. We had to be quiet while the tech was taking all the images and I so wanted him to give me a blow by blow but he couldn’t. Right at the beginning the tech said “Oh of course you’re in a funny posistion. The first baby I did today was in a funny position and that just seems to set the tone.” I got all worried that we weren’t going to see the goods. I was SURE to tell her before we even started that I wanted to KNOW what kind of baby was in there. (I know she’s a human btw) About 15-20 minutes in her wand got very painful. She stops and says “You’re too full. Could you go to the bathroom?” I asked “All the way?” she said, “Yes.” I wanted to kiss her!

When I got back, she started again and with no warning said “Well, you’re going to have a girl.” I was amazed and the water works totally started. I didn’t get to see the image of her goods but the tech was positive she was a girl. So girl it is! Then we moved on to the part where I got to watch. It was so incredibly amazing! She waved at us (as she has on every u/s), we got to see her sucking, trying to put her thumb in her mouth, yawning :yawn2: and stretching (my absolute favorite), she changed positions in a very Mom-like (hey that’s me!) way and was just so cute! We also got to see her very healthy spine, legs (they look long-wishful thinking on my part), and arms. Once I figure out how to post the video I’ll post a link! My friends who saw it said that her profile looks like Shaun and I have to agree. She’s so cute!

After that the tech took some more measurements and then asked us to wait outside so that the doctor could look and make sure we got all the pictures we needed. We had and she sent us on our way with a CD of the experience. They can only give you the images that she shared with me. All the other stuff goes to the specialist to review and my doctor. The tech only made the comment about her spine but didn’t seem alarmed at all (and isn’t allowed to say anything) but was very matter-of-factly cheerful throughout the entire procedure. I go in next week to see my doctor and I’ll get the full results then :thumbu2: I saw a very active, healthy-looking baby! SO COOL.

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