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Posted by Chelsea on Sunday Feb 6, 2011 Under Toddler

It’s been too long!  Shaun and I were talking the other day about the things that Lucy says and how she’s starting to correct herself as she becomes a better talker.  We wanted to write it down so that we wouldn’t forget.

-She calls herself “Soosy”.  She can say “Lu” but she is adamant that her name is “Soosy”.  In the past week or so, I’ve heard her say “Lucy” but she’s still saying “Soosie” more often than not.

-She calls glasses “Eye Sees”.  She’s started to say “Sunglasses” but they were “Eye Sees” for a very long time. (The transition to “Sunglasses” is what prompted this post.)

-She LOVES to read and loves to say “BE END!” at the end of books instead of “The End.”

-She really likes wipes but calls them “whites”. I’m guessing because they are white?

-Her dolls names are Baby, Mo, Pink Bow, and Two Bow.  I asked her today if Pink Bow (who she calls Pink for short) and Two Bow were sisters and she confirmed that yes they are sisters.  Good to know.  She also loves sleeping with her “BIG Atterpillah” (Big Caterpillar) and uses him as body pillow of sorts. When she wakes up in the morning she asks for “ALL Babies/Dolls and BIG Atterpillah” that means that we need to bring them all upstairs.

-Diapers are “Bipers”.

-She can now spell her name “L-U-C-Y LUCY!!!!” and then tries to spell other people’s names “T-U-C-Y Tessa!” or “W-U-C-Y Willy!”  At night she tells us “No Mommy.  No Daddy.” meaning that we’re not allowed to spell her name (we have since she was 6 months old using the letters on her wall) and that she’ll do it herself.

-She has started writing “W” and says “W!”.  That’s the only letter she writes so far Smile

-She sings “Rock a Bye Baby” to all of her babies in the morning before we come to get her.

-She sings the ABCs and has them almost completely memorized.

-For awhile she would count to 10 but skip 4.  Now she counts to 10 but skips 5.

-She loves to “pat” Mommy and Daddy.  This has turned into more of slapping and hitting so we have to remind her to be “gentle”.  Sometimes she gets it.  A hard slap is almost always followed by, “I pat Mama. I pat.” Yeah it’s cute but doesn’t fly anymore!

-She likes to have 2 wa-was (water) with her at all times.  She’s had a cough recently and honey water helps that.  She asks for “1 honey wa-wa and 1 regular wa-wa”. Yes, she says “regular”!

-She LOVES to tell you that “Tessa is 1 and Soosy is 2!”  That will change in about a week Winking smile

-She absolutely LOVES to cook.  She pretend cooks in the kitchen that Papa made her but she also pulls up a stool and say “I watch Mama cook.”  She then helps me with dinner and even got out an ice cream scoop the other night to beat eggs! “I stir eggs Mama!” She can name almost all the ingredients I use and knows that onions are “picy” (spicy) before they get cooked.  She knows to stay away from knives and the hot oven and stove.  She makes Daddy “rice and sauce” in her play kitchen almost daily and has been known to make “meat” and “mac n’ cheese” as well.  This morning she got bibs out and was putting them on her babies one at a time and feeding them “gapes” (grapes).

-She calls dark purple grapes, “Blueberry Gapes”.

-About 4 months ago she was stuck on “The Potty Book”.  We read that thing every night for about a month. Then she switched to “Lady Bug Girl”.  Then “Nigh Nigh Moon” (Goodnight Moon). Now it’s “Atterpillah Book” (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and “Sushi Book” (A book about sushi).  She likes to sit in the rocking chair and look through the Sushi Book while Daddy or I sit on the footstool and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to her.  She now tells you what is happening on every page and does understand the basics of a story.  It’s pretty impressive Smile

-She LOVES to color and will do it at any chance she gets.

-She uses “Please” and “Tankyou” all the time and has even started saying “You’re welcome.”

-She loves to pick out her jammies and clothes every day and tells you “I chose!”

-She intersperses “Mama” and “Mommy”.  “Mommy” just started about a month ago.

That’s everything that I can remember right now but I will leave you with some pictures that I’ve taken recently.

(that is grape seed oil, not wine!)


Check out her “Atterpillah!”

(Farida does know how to spell “work” it just looks like “werk” Winking smile)


Daddy dressed her-dots match dots, right?:


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