2 Big Milestones!!!

Posted by Chelsea on Friday Jun 18, 2010 Under Infancy

Lu has become quite the chatterbox and this past week she had 2 big milestones.  On Wednesday, I was talking to Shaun on the speaker phone and I said “Love you”. From the back seat, Lu says, “Love you!”  She’s said it about 20 times since then.  I LOVE IT.

This morning, I was getting ready and Lu and Daddy were playing.  I hear her say from the other room, “I got it off!”  Shaun yelled into me, “Did you hear that?  She said ‘I got it off!”  I’d say that’s her first real sentence that was formed correctly and that she hasn’t heard us say numerous times.  Smart girlie!!!

Lu’s Uncle Larry and Cousin Matt are here visiting and I will have a big post with pictures from that but in the meantime I have some pictures from earlier this week.

A friend from my Mommy board who lives in Kansas is in the area visiting her family.  We met up at the mall on Wednesday and had so much fun.

Mel and I met while pregnant on Baby Center and our group of girls always talked about Starbucks, Target, and Sonic Burger.  We just so happened to go to a mall that had a Target, a Starbucks and a Sonic Burger.  Kismet!

We met at Target, got some Starbucks, and then went and played.

Lu and Emme!

CIMG6518  CIMG6520  CIMG6522  CIMG6524 CIMG6525 CIMG6526 

The four of us (kind of).  A better one of Emme:


A super silly one of Lu:


I finished the trip with a Cherry Limeade Slush.


I used to LOVE these things and I was so excited to have a splurge BUT this was utterly disgusting.  It was so sweet and just tasted of syrup.  I drank about a fourth of it and had to stop.

Oh well!

Can you believe that we move in a week?!?!?!

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