Sixth Month Appointment

Posted by Chelsea on Thursday Mar 26, 2009 Under Infancy


Today was Lucy’s 6 month well baby check-up. She really is a little munchkin! Here are the stats:

Weight: 13 pounds 3 ounces – 10th Percentile
Height: 25 and 3/4 inches – 75th Percentile
Head Circumference: 17 inches – 75th Percentile

She was in the 75th Percentile at 4 months for both her height and her head but was in the 25th Percentile for weight. The doctor isn’t worried though and neither are we. She’s a happy, healthy little girl with big cheeks and little baby rolls on her arms and legs. The doctor said we would only worry if she continues to go down in percentiles and/or isn’t gaining any weight, which isn’t the case.

We’ve had some pretty big developments lately. I swear she’s just exploded in terms of what she can do. My friend Audrey posted a six month list on her blog and I’m going to steal it because it worked really well:

Gathered from various websites, these are the 6 month milestones that describe Ev Lucy ;):

– Begins to speak single (hard) consonants, like “dada” (sorry mom!) She’s making many more vowel sounds (and lots of them) but I’ve heard “P” sounds and “G” sounds

– Rolls over both ways (front to back and back to front side).

– The baby will begin to look for a toy dropped out of sight.

– Has no head lag when pulled to a sitting position.

– Begins to “tripod” (sits with one hand on the ground for support) and soon will begin to sit without support. She sat up with no support for about 30 seconds last night and then put her hand down and in the “tripod” method for about another 15 before toppling over.

– Continues to grasp and mouth objects, but now can transfer small objects from one hand to another.

– Is able to recognize each parent and may even begin to show some stranger anxiety. Lucy isn’t as quick to smile at people anymore but after a few minutes of very concentrated staring she’ll start to smile.

-Signs of separation anxiety. She’s started to cry when I’m not in her line of sight and she has to be in someone’s arms at daycare when I leave or she cries.

– Makes attempts to feed himself or herself. This is about the funniest thing I’ve seen! It just started a few days ago. She holds the spoon really tightly in her fist and tries to shove it in her mouth and chokes herself. Silly girl.

– Smiles, laughs, squeals and begins to imitate sounds. This is so fun. Yesterday on the way to daycare she was sitting in her car seat just cracking up. I have no clue what at but she thought it was hilarious.

– Can be content in a playpen crib/co-sleeper/floor/upright seats for a while playing with one or two toys. She’s always been this way but now it’s for longer and longer periods of time.

– Can bear weight on his or her legs when held in a standing position (no, it will not make him or her bowlegged). She’s been able to do this since December!

– Will bounce when held in a standing position. She did do something exciting/scary at the doctor’s office today though-she took a step! Like I said she’s been standing with support since December but has never tried to move her legs. I had her on the table standing up and looking into the mirror and she totally tried to walk towards the mirror! I’m not ready for that yet!!!

– Shows more intentionality during play. You should see her with books now. She wants to hold them and she wants to feel the pages and try to turn them.

– Experiments with the concept of cause and effect.

– Opens mouth for spoon.

– Makes wet razzing sounds. She just started this today.

– Turns in the direction of a voice.

-Knows her name.

This isn’t mentioned anywhere but we’ve been signing with her-using American Sign Language and she’s started to sign for milk and she totally understands the sign for bathtime. We can’t do it unless she’s getting in the bath in the next few minutes. She’s gets so excited when we sign for bath!

ETA: She’s started waving!!! I can’t believe I forgot that one. If Mommy or Daddy or a daycare teacher waves, she waves back….well she kond of flails her arm up and down but that’s definitely what she’s doing. She’s also given both me and Shaun high fives!

She has also gotten over her disgust with green beans. She’s eats them like a champ now! Today we tried avocado and she liked it so we’ll be mixing avocado into things now. I think the next up is sweet potatoes.

Here’s some silly pictures of our sweet girl:




And a fan favorite:


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Green Beans!

Posted by Chelsea on Saturday Mar 21, 2009 Under Infancy

Lucy turns 6 months tomorrow-can you believe it? I can’t. To mark her 6 months birthday we started vegetables.

She was doing pretty good on rice cereal until last week when we realized that she hadn’t pooped for 3 days. Well that day she POOPED and pooped alot. In fact, she pooped in the bathtub and once we got her out, she pooped in the towel for 10 Minutes!!!! It was quite the poop experience. I called her doctor the next day to see what we could give her to help unblock the situation. The nurse suggested either pears or pear juice mixed in her cereal. We tried that, here was the result:


She didn’t like pears very much. She made that face before we even got the pears in her mouth. Just the smell made her gag.

So we tried oatmeal. She didn’t love oatmeal but she could tolerate it and by the fourth day of oatmeal she was eating an entire serving.

Well, now that she’s six months it was time to start vegetables and fruit. Ms. Azar, at daycare, suggested we start with green beans. I went looking online and figured out how to make green beans for a baby. For anyone who’s interested is a great resource for making your own baby food. It’s easy and cheap-I got 1 pound of organic green beans for $1.99 at Whole Foods. I made up a batch of the green beans last night and decided to compare it with the Gerber Organic Green Beans that some friends had given us:


As you can see, the homemade stuff is much more vibrant and fresh looking-not surprising. I tasted both and the homemade was edible and kind of yummy. The Gerber? Tasted like overcooked green beans and the texture was awful. No wonder kids don’t like vegetables!

Alright, so here I am all excited to get Lucy started on green beans. They suggest that you do it in the morning so that you can watch for allergic reactions. Shaun went for a mountain bike ride this morning and I fed Lucy green beans. Here she is before:


There’s my happy girl. After the pear incident I didn’t have high hopes but as I approached her mouth the smell didn’t gag her-this is good! But still, she isn’t sure:


Then she decides that green beans aren’t really that cool:


This was about the time we stopped:


Oh well, we’ll try again tomorrow. We can only introduce new things every 4 days or so, so she’ll get something new next weekend. Maybe some avocado?

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Swim Lessons for Lucy

Posted by Shaun on Sunday Mar 15, 2009 Under Infancy

On Saturday Lucy had her first swim lesson. The lesson was at 11:15 a.m. and we had to run some errands beforehand so Lucy didn’t have a very good nap before the lessons. We thought it was going to be a difficult time, but she ended up doing really well despite being a bit tired.

Lucy Tests the Water

Kickboard Action

Lucy Floats

Lucy Goes Under

Warming Up Afterwards

Overall this was an excellent experience and we look forward to 7 more Saturdays of swim classes. However, the volume of children in the pool area can be quite overwhelming – actually if you’re looking for a new form of birth control you could just go sit at the pool once a week.

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Bathtime is FUN!!!

Posted by Chelsea on Sunday Mar 8, 2009 Under Infancy

Hi there! We’ve been getting calls asking if we’re okay since we haven’t posted in 2 weeks. We’re fine, just busy. Working puts a kink in my free time 😉

Shaun and I were talking about how scheduled our life is now. A typical day:

5 AM-Lucy wakes for a feeding and sometimes for the day. When we’re lucky she goes back down for an hour or so
6:30 AM-Wake up. Feed Lucy.
6:45 AM-Showers-I take one and then Shaun and Lucy hangs out in her bouncy seat in the bathroom to get a steam to help clear her sinuses (we’ve been battling colds since January)
7:15 AM-Dress Lucy
7:30 AM-Get everything ready for daycare, Shaun leaves for work at this point
7:45 AM-Leave for Daycare
8 AM-Drop Lucy off at Daycare
8:30 AM-Get on the Train
9-5:30 PM-Work where I have to pump 3 times. I’ve had some issues with supply and had to rent a hospital grade pump. Check this puppy out!


I’m happy to report that the supply issues have been solved by that fine piece of machinery, fenugreek supplements, oatmeal, and lots and lots of water!

Back to the schedule:

5:30 PM-Shaun picks up Lucy from Daycare
6 PM-Feed and then play with Lucy for an hour
6:30 PM-Feed Lucy her cereal
6:45 PM-start the heater in the bathroom and set up for bathtime
7 PM-Bathtime
7:15 PM-Storytime
7:25 PM-Feed Lucy
7:30-7:35 PM-Lucy is OUT.

After she’s out I have to make dinner, Shaun cleans up, then I make her bottles for the next day, and then we veg in front of the tv, and repeat 🙂

As you can see bathtime is an integral part of our schedule. It signals to Lucy that it’s time to go to bed soon and it washes the daycare germs off of her. Lucy has just discovered that bathtime is FUN. Before she just sort of hung out in the bath. I’d get smiles but it wasn’t anything special. Then she discovered splashing! Here’s the first night she started splashing:

She’s gotten even more enthusiastic about it now and gets mad when we take her out of the tub. Here she is tonight having fun:



That girl likes her bath! I can’t wait to get her started with swim lessons. She can start when she’s 6 months old-which is coming up on March 22nd!!! We went to Santa Cruz this weekend and happened to find a Lucy sized swim suit:


We also hung out at the beach:





It was a really nice day! It actually started off with Shaun letting me sleep in (what a guy!) and getting up with Lucy at 6:30. While they were hanging out she discovered Chunky Monkey in her crib. Chunky Monkey was a Christmas gift from Santa. It has sat in Lucy’s crib (the only thing since it’s a “safe” crib toy) since Christmas and she’s never noticed it. Now Lucy LOVES Chunky Monkey:



We finished off the weekend basking in the sun (kitty and all):


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