5 Months Old-First Food!!!

Posted by Chelsea on Sunday Feb 22, 2009 Under Infancy

Lucy is 5 months old today.  Time flies, eh?

Last night we fed her rice cereal. We’ll be attempting to feed her rice cereal this month to try and get her used to a spoon.  The real fun starts at 6 months when she starts to get vegetables and fruit.

I got the rice cereal, spoon, high chair, and bib all ready-I was expecting a mess.  She actually did surprisingly well.  She opened her mouth for Mommy and seemed to really like her first taste of “real food”.

Here’s a (pretty boring) video of the experience:

Daddy fed her today-it was messier!


She’s also been working on tummy time. She’s started to “swim” while on her tummy. She moves her arms and her legs like she’s crawling but she’s not strong enough to go anywhere. It’s pretty darn cute:


And now I give you Serious Lucy:


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Happy Valentines Day!

Posted by Chelsea on Saturday Feb 14, 2009 Under Infancy


But really she was more interested in her pants. They were so bright and fun!


Shaun and I got to go on our first date since Lucy was born last night. Our friend Amanda came over and watched Lucy’s bedtime routine (in case she ever has to do it) and then after we got her to bed, Shaun and I went out to dinner. Here we are leaving:


It’s the first time we’ve been alone since September 21st! We had a really good time and Lucy never knew we were gone.

Lucy has really grown up in the last week. She no longer needs to be swaddled to go to sleep. She’s been sleeping from 7:30 PM through 6-6:30 AM without waking up. She can now soothe herself to sleep (by sucking her thumb). She loves tummy time now (she used to hate it) and even got her knees up under her a few times this week. Today she was laying on her back and she very deliberately rolled to her side and then couldn’t figure out how to get her arm out of the way. Both Shaun and I helped her a few times and then once she was on her tummy, she rolled back to her back. She’s figuring out how to move around! I don’t know if I should be excited or scared…I think I’m a little bit of both. She’s also quite good at standing now-she only needs Shaun or me to help her balance. And, she’s starting to sit on her own…only for about 10-20 seconds-but it’s a start!

Today, she also got her high chair. Check out our big girl!


We’re really not going to start solids until 6 months but her Doctor recommended that we start giving her a little bit of rice cereal everyday starting at 5 months to get her used to a spoon. Since Lucy has such an aversion to foreign objects in her mouth (she won’t even put teethers in her mouth-they make her gag) we’re going to go ahead and try the rice cereal. She turns 5 months next weekend, so stay tuned for first feeding pictures next week!

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Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Posted by Lucy on Sunday Feb 8, 2009 Under Infancy

I love you!!!!




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Being a Working Mom

Posted by Chelsea on Saturday Feb 7, 2009 Under Infancy

I got many emails from friends giving me moral support as I started work full time this week. They were much appreciated! I wanted to capture something I wrote to Kim as I think it sums up my feelings nicely:

…This week has been going better than expected. I decided that since I have to work (there’s no option for me not to) that I should just be okay with this. If I’m miserable, all it does is make me miserable because there’s nothing I can do about it. Lucy is adjusting very well to daycare-we’ve had some kinks to work out with bottles and such but I am really happy with her daycare. They are very loving with her and she gets a lot of really good playtime. They actually have an “Activity Plan” for the day where I know she’s doing certain things. She’s smiley and happy when I drop her off and when we pick her up and smiley at home. I figure she wouldn’t be so happy if they were horrible to her, ya know? They also take all my calls with a smile and let me know how she’s doing. I call once a day to check in on her. Work has also been pretty great. Everybody here is so supportive and I work with really nice people. You can’t ask for anything more-especially when you see so many people getting laid off!

I won’t lie, I do miss her and the fact that they get the majority of her “good” (awake) hours does suck but it’s not the end of the world. I’m working really hard on making our time together really quality. In the morning I play with her and then when I get ready I sit her in her bouncy chair and talk with her and make her laugh (she makes me laugh too 😉 ). At night, we don’t eat dinner until she goes to bed so that we can play with her, give her her bath, read to her and put her to bed. No tv, no computer, no video games, no Mommy in the kitchen cooking. It’s just Mommy, Daddy, and Lucy time…

Today was our first weekend day after a full week of work-it was great to spend so much time with Lucy. She’s feeling a bit under the weather with a cough-which she got from the Doctor’s office NOT from daycare-although I’m sure daycare didn’t help matters. At daycare, she’s learned to really like tummy time-I don’t know how they did it but she likes it now. She can also put her self to sleep, which she showed us today:


Here she is with Miss Azar after her first day of daycare-she was really tired and you can tell in this picture:


Miss Azar and Miss Maria LOVE Lucy and that’s so nice to see. They are really great people.

Here is Daddy and Lucy hanging out one night after “school”:


The family last weekend-this picture is up on the wall at “school” so that Lucy can see us anytime she wants:


And lastly, our adorable little girl:


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Houston, We Have a Problem

Posted by Chelsea on Tuesday Feb 3, 2009 Under Infancy

Our internet at home is down and won’t be back up until Wednesday. See you then!

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