Pictures from the Fingerlakes!

Posted by Chelsea on Sunday Jul 20, 2008 Under Pregnancy

Mommy and Daddy on the boat:The whole family on the boat:

Mommy and Daddy picking cherries:

Mommy and Daddy in front of a BIG lake!

Uncle Jerel, Aunt Kara, Mommy, and Daddy:

Shaun with 4 month old Tyler (Aunt Chelsea couldn’t get him to smile):

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She’s Definitely a Girl!!!

Posted by Chelsea on Monday Jul 14, 2008 Under Pregnancy

I had my 27 Week Appointment today and I the doctor did another ultrasound to do a “gender check” since I didn’t actually get so see the goods last time. The tech said she was a girl and I had to take her word for it. Well, this time I got to see a good face shot with a hand and a crotch shot!!! The Doctor said “It’s like she’s sitting on a photo copier! There’s no doubt-that’s a girl!” Hopefully I can get the pictures scanned and posted soon.

Vacation Recap

Seeing the family was great! We spent a day in Wilkes-Barre/Harvey’s Lake. While there we saw Shaun’s friends from high school-Kim and her 6 month old Krista (so well behaved!) and Claire and her 2 and half year old Max. We also got to visit with both the Grandmas. Grandma Titus proclaimed that I was “huge” and she thought I was going to have twins. About 3 hours later (and after a BIG dinner) Grandma Gale proclaimed that I was “tiny”. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder ;-). Grandma Titus made the baby a beautiful white crocheted baby blanket, jacket, and hat. I’ll try to post pictures of that too.

The rest of the vacation we spent in New York at the Fingerlakes. Shaun’s parents were there, as were Ricky and Kelly and their kids and Jerel and Kara. We got to hold Tyler (Rick and Kelly’s baby) who was born in March and is a very happy baby with long blond hair. We camped and spent time out on the boats. We also went and picked cherries one day-well Shaun climbed the trees and I caught cherries in a bag as he picked them.

We had a ton of fun! The Fingerlakes are truly beautiful. That whole area of the country is absolutely beautiful. Next time we see the Titus clan we’ll have a baby!

Speaking of which-my due date is exactly 90 days away!!!

October 12th here we come!

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Wow! Where does the Time Go?!?!?!

Posted by Chelsea on Tuesday Jul 1, 2008 Under Pregnancy

I can’t believe it’s July 1st already! We’re off tonight to fly to Pennsylvania to go camping with Shaun’s family over the 4th of July. We’ll actually be camping at the Finger Lakes in New York-it should be very fun! A 7 month pregnant woman camping for 5 days-we’ll see how this goes!!!

We’ve been working away on the house. The guest bathroom is going to be finished in about 2 weeks. We painted it red and the cabinets white. We’re getting a new sink top, mirror, and medicine cabinet. Oh and new floors! It’s our last home improvement project before the baby gets here-I’ll be glad when it’s done!

The Nursery has been painted, the crib put together and now I’m just waiting on fabric to finish the decorating. My parents are coming to visit in a few weeks and I think we’ll make a ton of headway on the nursery. Once I have fabrics and the glider re-covered I’ll post pictures-it’s really coming together!

Work has been crazy busy for both Shaun and me so we’re ready for this vacation! I’ve also been very busy knitting away. I’ve knit 2 hats, her baby blanket, and a cardigan. I’m working on the next cardigan and have many more projects in the works.


Her baby blanket:

Pumpkin Hat:

White hat waiting for baby chicks to be sewn on:

And the cardigan:

All is well here! I’m heading into the third trimester so we’ll see how chipper I am in a few weeks!

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