Posted by Chelsea on Monday Jun 9, 2008 Under Pregnancy

We went to a wedding at a beautiful Japanese garden this weekend and used the occasion to take some pictures of our growing (boy are we growing 🙂 ) family:

And just to ROUND it out, a picture of my big round belly! Warning-Naked Baby Belly Below!

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Baby Kickboxing!

Posted by Chelsea on Tuesday Jun 3, 2008 Under Pregnancy

Wow, there’s an exercise class going on in my stomach and I wasn’t even invited! She’s been going crazy all morning and some of those kicks (or what I assume to be kicks) are quite strong! I can feel them easily from the outside. Shaun couldn’t and a friend at work couldn’t either but I could! It’s really cool to feel her and also really reassuring. I like knowing my little bean is in there kicking Mommy all over the place. She can kick all she wants 🙂

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