12.12.12 The Scariest Night of our Lives

Posted by Chelsea on Friday Dec 14, 2012 Under Preschool

What a night! Let me preface this by saying that Lucy is okay!

We were over at Danny and Sarah’s tonight for Friend Dinner and Lu was having a blast. She was giggly and silly and jumping around and just having fun. She started throwing herself back on the couch-like jumping back and hitting the back of the couch and then giggling hysterically. Shaun had just asked her to stop and she did it again. Only this time, she was on part of the couch with no back and she fell HARD, off the couch, right on her head. It was a carpeted surface but it was hard. We picked her up and she was limp, then she squirmed in such a way that I thought she had paralyzed herself, I was worried about her neck. She then had about 30 seconds of the “silent cry” followed by wailing and crying. After I calmed her down and got her ice she was acting strange. She did read us a book but she was lethargic and off. We sat down for dinner and she just wanted to lay in my lap. She then asked to go home. I was finishing dinner and at this point we were worried about concussion. We were on our phones trying to figure out symptoms and I sent a text to Dr Waj asking what I should do when she fell asleep in my lap which is totally NOT NORMAL. We woke her up and she puked everywhere.

We took her straight to the ER. They took us right back and we instantly had 5 people in the room checking her out. It was frightening. The Dr. said that she was probably fine but he wanted a CT scan (or MRI-I can’t remember which one). Immediately the lady was there to do the scan. Lucy fell asleep while getting the scan (the hospital encouraged her to sleep). After the scan, we were told that we should have results in 20 minutes. After we got back from that, the “Children’s Trauma Team” came to visit and see how she was doing. At this point we had been at the hospital maybe 30 minutes and we had seen 8 different people. Shaun and I were quietly freaking the fuck out. Lucy slept on my lap through the whole thing.

After 30 minutes of waiting (the longest wait of my life) the Dr. came in to let us know that her scan was normal and she just had a slight concussion. He told us to sleep with her and monitor her breathing. If her breathing changed or she puked to bring her right back in.

Dr. Waj was away from his phone during the ordeal. I texted him after the scan and then after we got the results. He texted back after the results and apologized profusely for not having his phone. The ER doctor did hear a murmur in Lucy’s heart (unrelated to the concussion) so we’ll be going to see Dr. Waj soon to get that checked out. I apologized to Waj for bothering him and he said “Oh gosh no bother at all- sorry for your scare!” What an amazing doctor, eh?

Shaun and I commented the whole time that we were happy that we were in Boise when this happened. We got amazing and prompt care. We were headed home when we probably still would have been in the waiting room in San Mateo. I know that if something had been wrong that we don’t have a pediatric neurologist but I’m friends with a woman whose sister is one and is in the interview process to come to Boise. If one had, god forbid, been needed we could always get Lucy to one relatively easily. The ER doctor was even calling Waj by first name and wasn’t surprised in the least that I was texting him. It was really an amazing experience.

It was also a really scary one that I never want to repeat again!!!

Lu is doing great! She had a headache yesterday and was more tired than normal but other than that, you wouldn’t even know anything had happened. She went to school and had an awesome day.

I was asking her about the scan and if it was scary (I was right with her the whole time) and she said it was fun and she wanted to do it again! She also said that the hospital was fun and that she wanted to go back. Crazy girl!

That really does speak to the amazing care we had. I am SO thankful for St. Luke’s and the amazing medical care we receive in Boise.

Here’s a picture of Lu with “Teddy”. Aunt Marci and Uncle Richard sent a balloon bouquet and Teddy was part if it. Lucy keeps saying, “Teddy, I LOVE YOU!” Teddy is sleeping with all of us right now. 🙂


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An Early Birthday Present

Posted by Chelsea on Saturday Sep 15, 2012 Under Preschool

Lucy’s turning 4 in one week from today. Her big present from us is piano lessons and a keyboard. She took her second lesson today and her teacher hooked us up with a very nice used keyboard.

She’s one happy girl!


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Oh My It’s Been Awhile!

Posted by Chelsea on Sunday Jun 3, 2012 Under Preschool

Sorry about that!  So much has happened since I last posted!!  We moved, we love it!

Lucy awesome and gets more awesome everyday. There’s no more baby in her -except maybe her totally kissable cheeks. She’s a full on KID, like woah! She has a great sense of humor, she’s reading one vowel words, she’s working on mastering the monkey bars, and she’s counting to 100! She is loving the new house. She plays independently for large chunks of time outside on her “playground” or upstairs in her playroom. She LOVES to play school and is constantly drilling us or practicing her writing on her “magna noodle” or white board. Since her third birthday, she’s gone from a shy little girl to a girl who has no problem talking to people, asking their names, and being inquisitive (while hopefully still being polite!). I fully attribute this to Challenger. I knew when I went to observe the program that she would thrive. I’m glad I was right!

We only have one more week of school and then we’re off to Yellowstone.  We’re all very excited.

Here’s some pictures!


She picked this outfit out herself:

When she started reading and spelling:



Her first ride up the big girl lift:

Her sense of style never disappoints!

Awesome artwork!

Valentines Day:

Doing dishes:

More awesome artwork:


Her first movie in a theater-The Lorax!

Her rendition of a Triceratops:

Sleeping like she did when she was a baby <3


More crazy outfits:

Writing a note to her friend at school named Sophie:

After gymnastics Smile

More dishes-she LOVES doing them!

Her first sleepover with Tessa:

First swing in the new backyard:

More artwork!


Lucy’s new big girl room:

Taking a bath in the new tub!

More awesome artwork:

Before her Spring Performance:


If you want to see a 15 minute video of her performance, email me and I’ll send you the link.  I don’t want to post publically since it has other people’s kids in it.

Kicking back, reading a book from Grandma Titus:

Cuddling with Daddy:

At her friend’s birthday party:

That’s the update!

I also have a few iPhone video tours of our new pad.  If you want to see them, email me and I’ll send you the link.

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Happy Birthday Lucy

Posted by Chelsea on Thursday Sep 22, 2011 Under Preschool

I cannot believe that you are 3! It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in that hospital bed staring lovingly at your face.

What a year this has been little one! You’ve become little miss personality and smarty pants! Holy moly (one of your favorite expressions) you never cease to amaze Daddy and I. You LOVE to sing, ride your bike, play with Tessa, SWING ALL BY YOURSELF on the big kid swing!, love your ABCs, you are scarily good at math, you love to camp, to read, and to play with your baby dolls. You also LOVE to eat! Especially blueberries, raspberries, and frozen peas (yes, you eat them frozen and get really upset when they thaw). I love you more than words can describe.

A look back at the year, in pictures:

September 2010-your 2nd birthday:



October, at the zoo:


Cabo in November:


And then SNOW!


December, getting out Christmas Tree:



January, at the Library!


February, Tessa’s Birthday:


March, striking a pose for Mommy:





Easter in April:



Camping in May:


Disneyland in May:

Beautiful Lucy

LA in June:

Lucy and View

Lucy the Star

PA in July:




Camping in July:



Fireworks in July!


Fresh Veggies in August!


My almost 3 year old in September:



You just woke up and said, “I was 2 yesterday and today I’m THREE!”

Smarty pants indeed.

You take my breath away every day:


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